Tekstitanssija – Text Dancer – is a language service agency run by a Finnish translation and customer service professional, Tiia Juntunen. I hold a Master’s degree in Translation of German from the University of Helsinki and I have also gained work experience in the translation industry (customer service, project management and a translation internship at the European Commission). Tekstitanssija makes ordering language services look like a dance – coordinated but still effortless and fluent.

I offer translation of mainly non-literary texts (English, German, Swedish, Polish > Finnish) and revision/proofreading of Finnish texts. I am also an authorized translator (German–Finnish), which means that I have the right to carry out translations of official documents from German into Finnish.

Fields of specialization:

  • Animals
  • Commerce and economy
  • EU
  • Food
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Etc.

Every project is priced individually. The prices depend on for example the complexity of the text, file format or urgency.

Example prices:

  • Translation: 0.15–0.25 EUR per source text word
  • Authorization of a translation: 15 EUR per document
  • Proofreading or revision: 45 EUR per hour (around 1,000–2,000 words per hour)
  • Rush or weekend surcharge: 50 %
  • Minimum charge: 45 EUR

If you are looking for professional language services, do not hesitate to contact me and request a free and non-binding quote.

Tiia Juntunen (tiia@tekstitanssija.fi)